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Just released by Archon.
 Fantastic new Video Light W40VR. This light almost double the lumens of the W38VR at 2600Lm, now has magnetic switching. One for the white light and the other for the Red, Purple and UV. 

Model: W40VR Diving Video Light
Bulb: white light: CREE XML2 U2 (second generation) x 4
Red light: CREE XP-E N3 x 2 wave length: 620 nm
Purple light x 2 wavelength: 410nm
UV X2 wave length: 365 nm
Color temperature: 5000K—5500K (white light)
Brightness: white light: 2600lumens
           Red light: 200lumens
           Purple light: 6W
UV light: 6W
Switch mode

Switch 1
red light-purple light- UV light-OFF
Switch 2
white light-high-low-SOS-OFF
The two switches can be operated separately or simultaneously.
Runtime: White light High mode: 1.2H
Red/purple/UV light: 5H
Light angle: 120°
Lens: 4mm Polycarbonate Board.
Body material: Durable aircraft-grade aluminum.
Surface treatment: Premium Type III hard-anodizing.
Color: Black
Battery: 32650 rechargeable Li- ion battery x1.
With battery over-discharging protection, polarity reversing protection
Operation voltage: 2.8V to 4.5V.
Waterproof: 100 meters underwater
Dimensions: 124.8mm (length)* 50mm (dia. of head).
Weight: 345grams (without battery); 483 grams (with battery)
Underwater Weight: 220 grams (with battery)
Impact resistance: 1.5M.

NOW IN STOCK Call John on 0400265026 or email me on



The Diver is holding a W17V video Light
Camera has a mounted W38VR Video Light.
The third part of the clip shows the difference between a hot spot diving light compared to Video Flood light with NO hot spots.

Thank you Liz Rogers for helping out with this Video. Check out her site

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